High School 9th - 12th


AT HCHC We Value:

Christian Leadership: We have invested our time and energy into developing strong, confident Christian leaders. Your students will be trained with a Christian worldview that is rooted in the Word of God and challenged to raise up the standard of righteousness in the midst of their generation. They will have the opportunity to get involved in a Leadership Core that will give them the tools and training needed for the rest of their lives.

Parent / Student / Teacher Relationships:

At Heartland we recognize the importance of family in the Kingdom of God and we believe that we are just an extension of yours. We recognize that parents are the greatest and most influential teachers in their students' lives. This is why we have committed ourselves to working along side the parent and student. We have witnessed that when parents, school, student and church community join together for the commitment of training up the student, the success of the student is eminent.

Academic Excellence:

We strive for academic excellence. It is our goal to challenge and equip the students of Heartland to be thinkers. Not only do we encourage the students to be absorbers of knowledge, but also we challenge them to be critical thinkers so that they might gain understanding. We value high standards in education. This is why we offer a variety of excellent, proven Christian Curriculum taught by experienced, well-seasoned, degreed educators.



At Heartland we recognize the importance of giving your students the tools that are needed to be successful in higher education and in the work place. This is why we have invested ourselves in an up-to-date computer lab, cutting edge computer classes, multi-media instruction, film and video editing classes, digital photo and yearbook courses.

Creative Arts:

Heartland Christian High School has always placed an emphasis on creative arts and worship. This can be evidenced by the many courses that we have offered over the years such as Guitar and Voice, Art, Photography, Drama, Dance and Film. We understand the importance of giving your students a quality; Christian based education in the Arts.

Bible-Based Instruction:

All of our educators not only have a thriving and committed relationship with Jesus Christ; they have an intense desire and passion to reveal God's design in every school subject. Our classrooms are unashamedly Christian. At Heartland we teach that God created the earth, humans and every living creature. We embrace the truth of God's Word and bring it into every aspect of our lesson plans. Our goal is to give your students a Bible based Christian World View.

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Josh Harper

Josh Harper teaches the Sciences, Social Studies, Multi-media, Spanish, Christian Leadership, Guitar and Worship.

Experience:  Josh has earned an AA in Liberal Arts, a BA in Organizational Studies and an MA in Religious Studies.  In addition, Josh has been an intern for Foothills Christian Church; a teacher's aide; a teacher; the lead singer for "Cedar" for ten years; and the worship leader for youth conferences, camps, and out-reaches.  He and his wife also homeschool their own three children.
Interests: Music, camping, wakeboarding, fishing, off-roading, my family.

Personal comment: "I think investing in people is really important. In everything Christ's love compels me.  I have purpose in the big and small things; He called me.  Each student is placed in my life for me to impact and to leave God's imprint; bringing God's kingdom here and in East County."

Principal's comment: "Josh is passionate about every subject he teaches. He relates well to his students and it's his pleasure to pass on his knowledge to them. Fresh, thorough, well-ordered, skilled, talented, and devoted, Josh makes the high school come alive."

Sheryln Cervera - English

Experience: Sherlyn homeschooled her son from 2nd grade through Jr. High School. She has spent many years leading home school groups and teaching English. She also spent approximately  18 years teaching Sunday School with experience in all age groups.

Interests: Sherlyn loves gardening, arts and crafts, and tiny houses. She hopes to build a tiny house soon. She has also been known to throw a tea party now and then.

Personal comment: "I started out as a nurse for the first 20 years of my career, mostly in the ER. When I got pregnant, my first thought was, "Yay! I get to home school!" I love working at Heartland  because it is the best of both worlds: homeschool and classroom time. Being here at Heartland and watching my son thrive here during his high school years has been a highlight for both of us."

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Fran McKnight .jpg
Fran McKnight - High School Math & Yearbook

Experience:  Fran is a preacher's wife, which has given her much opportunity to teach. She has taught Bible classes and women's Bible study groups for the past 15 years. Having homeschooled her own children for 4 years and worked at Heartland for 3 years, Fran found herself settling into the place that excites her most, the junior high and high school math classes. Having always excelled in math, schooled in honors and advance math courses, competing and winning math competitions, tutoring students in math from 1st grade through high school, Fran looks forward to helping others understand and love math.
Interests: First and foremost God and my family. I love hanging at the beach, parks and amusement parks. I also enjoy games!! I love figuring out strategy games, word games and of course numbers :).

Personal comment: I believe in math! I believe math is in our daily lives. I enjoy it and it has always been an interest to me. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be able to explain math to the students in a way they can understand it and carry it forward with them. I like to say, “If you understand it, you will use it."
Principal's comment:  "Soft, sweet, and enthusiastic, Fran has a heart of gold.  Willing to help, Fran has faith that all students can succeed in math.  She is hard-worker and can always be found with a smile on her face."

Jamie Martin - High School

Experience:  Jamie Martin joins Heartland with a missionary upbringing and a renaissance education. Jamie graduated from Calvary Chapel Bible College with a Theology degree in '99 and a B.A. in art from SDSU in '04. She has homeschooled her own children for 9 years, which has given her insight into teaching children  with processing issues and dyslexia. Jamie will be teaching PE K-8th this year along with 8th grade Social Studies. She uses her love of travel and her enthusiasm for music to make a lasting impact on her students as they broaden their view of a world in need of a savior.

Interests: Piano/song writing, photography, diy projects.

Personal comment: "I feel completely humbled and blessed to have the opportunity to be around and teach these awesome kids about God and the world around them. I know that God has called me to this mission and I do not take it lightly! I am so excited to see what God does this year!"

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